Canada Express Entry Visa Program


Until January 2015, Canada invited skilled professionals to settle and work in Canada as permanent residents through a manual-quota based selection system but unfortunately, this system had several loopholes. Considering the need to bring about an error-free and justified selection system, Citizenship & Immigration Canada in association with the Canadian Government introduced an electronic system- the Canada Express Entry. This system is completely electronic and judges the application for Canada Permanent Residency based on certain parameters like age, education, work experience, English language skills, accompanying partner skills, adaptability, CRS score etc.

What is Canada Express Entry & how it works?


Canada Express Entry is an electronic system specifically designed to manage Permanent Resident visa applications of Canada. This system works through an unprejudiced, unbiased and fair points-based selection system. Applicants who are willing to migrate to Canada and settle in the country as permanent residents need to meet the factors of Canada immigration requirement & secure a score of 67 points under this points-based selection system.

On meeting the eligibility criteria and calculating score as per Canada’s Points Calculator, applicants create a profile with Express Entry called as the Expression of Interest, under any of the four programs managed by Express Entry. In this profile, the applicant must list down all the updated and accurate information like his age, qualification, work experience, a job offer in hand, accompanying members and their details etc. Points are allotted to each detail as per set Canada immigration standards. CIC reviews and on approval, the application is directed to a pool of applications.

This pool consists of all other applications of people who have filed for Canada PR visa from all corners of the world and all the applications are judged based on points under the Comprehensive Ranking System. Draws are conducted by CIC at regular intervals and applications with the highest CRS score set for each draw are picked up and issued with an Invitation to Apply. This Invitation indicates that the applicant meets all the criteria to settle in Canada is welcomed to become a permanent resident of Canada.

Programs managed by Canada Express Entry:


To migrate to Canada through the Canada Express Entry system, applicants need to file their PR application under any of the following Canada Express Entry programs that best suits them:

1. Federal Skilled Worker Visa
2. Federal Skilled Trade Visa
3. Canadian Experience Class
4. Provincial Nominee Programs

The Finer Details of Canada Express Entry System:


1. Express Entry is an electronic platform that helps aspirants to create a no-cost profile indicating their interest to settle in Canada. This profile is kept active for a period of 12 months, after which the applicants need to renew their profile.
2. To create this profile, an initial evaluation is a must. By this evaluation, a profile is judged and determined whether it meets all the criteria of age, education, work experience language skills, etc. that are demanded Express Entry applicants and only then it is taken up for Canada PR visa process.
3. To match the Canadian education standards, applicants must get their educational qualification assessed (Educational Credential Assessment) by an authorized body- World Education Services.
4. To determine one’s skills in English language, Canada immigration demands for a language assessment result through an authorized English language assessing body- IELTS.
5. It is equally important that the applicant must have good health & be of a sound character to apply for Canada Permanent Residency through Canada Express Entry
6. Applicants with the following factors have good chances for higher CRS, eventually leading to a quicker visa success:

• Full-time regular employment from a Canadian employer
• Sponsorship from any Canadian state where his profile demand is high
• Received employment offer through any employer while their application is in the pool
• Have received a sponsorship from an eligible relative residing in Canada as a permanent resident or Canadian citizen
• On receiving the Invitation to Apply, applications have a time period of 90 days to submit an application for PR visa along with their Medicals, PCC and visa fees.
• On receiving the PR visa, the applicant is officially deemed as a permanent resident, i.e. he/she can live and work in Canada (along with family) for a long period of time.

While this is an overview of how Canada Express Entry system works, there are many aspects associated. Should you wish to know more about how Express Entry works, get a free counseling from one of our Canada Immigration Experts by filling your details here.

Federal Skilled Worker Visa (FSW)

One of the most prominent programs managed by the Canada Express Entry System is the Federal Skilled Worker Visa Program. Professionals of all countries across the world with eligible skills and qualification that are high in demand in Canada and who have an extensive ability to fulfill the requirements of Canadian Immigration can apply for a Permanent Resident visa under Federal Skilled worker program and settle permanently in Canada.

Federal Skilled Trade Worker Visa (FSTW)

The Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) Express Entry is an immigration program administered by Immigration, Citizenship Canada and Refugees, the department responsible for immigration to Canada. You cannot live inside the province of Quebec because of its own laws to select skilled workers.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The Canadian experience class (CEC) is a category of the experienced Canadian foreign workers who look forward to becoming permanent residents of the country. The temporary foreign workers are considered to be the optimal migrants for permanent residence immigration to Canada. This is because these candidates already have a good knowledge about the Canadian environment and will be easily able to adapt it. They already have the necessary networks in their community and their career. The candidates who are eligible for immigration should be able to phrase their interests for migrating to Canada. They usually do this by designing an express entry profile with a view to getting an offer for the invitation to apply for permanent residence before they even create an application themselves.