Canada is one of the most beautiful and well-developed nations in North America. While the nation is well-equipped with technology and abundant career prospects because it lacks talented and experienced youth to be a part of its workforce moreover To meet this skills gap and at the same time give professionals a joy of a permanent stay and work in Canada, the country invites approx. 300,00 professionals from outer nations on a Permanent Resident Visa each year. Canada Express Entry System- an electronic system introduced by Citizenship & Canada immigration in 2015 manages these PR visa applications under different programs.

Canada Express Entry Visa Program

Until January 2015, Canada invited skilled professionals to settle and work in Canada ircc as permanent residents through a manual-quota based selection system but unfortunately, this system had several loopholes. Considering the need to bring about an error-free and justified selection system, Citizenship & canada immigration in association with the Canadian Government introduced an electronic system- the Canada Express Entry. This system is completely electronic and judges the application for Canada Permanent Residency based on certain parameters like age, education, work experience, English language skills, accompanying partner skills, adaptability, CRS score etc.

Provincial Nominee Program

PNP one of the strongest countrified economies in Canada. This is because of its ability to generate more jobs in the economy. Being one of the best employment-generating economies, it attracts a large number of immigrants from the entire globe along with Canada. It provides a large number of federal immigration programs.

Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Visa

Quebec is a choice to reach the destination for anyone who intends to immigrate for professional sense. Every year, Quebec immigration selects thousands of the immigrant workers every year who have the necessary skills along with other factors that are vital for their job integration.

Canada Tourist Visa

Many countries absolve the need to acquire Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) for its citizens. The government of Canada immigration has brought in electronic travel authorization (eTA) for such candidates.