Hong Kong Tourist Visa :

 Hong Kong is one of the top choices for Indians when it comes to traveling abroad. The culture, history, and climate of Hong Kong attracts many travelers from around the world. It is also popular for shopping, dining, theme park, etc. To go to Hong Kong for tourism purposes, Indians have to complete the pre-arrival registration online. Doing so will allow them to enjoy a 14-day visa-free visit to the country.

Visa Validity:

Pre-arrival registration for Indians is valid for 6 months or until the passport expiry date, whichever is earlier. Registrants can use a notification slip during the validity period with a valid passport (that is linked to pre-arrival registration) to enter Hong Kong multiple times visa-free. They will be allowed to stay in the country for a maximum of 14 days per visit. People who wish to stay in the country for more than 14 days have to apply for a visa or entry permit.

Registrants can track their pre-arrival registration validity online on the website of the Hong Kong Immigration Department. They have to click on ‘Pre-arrival Registration Validity Enquiry’ to track the status.

Eligibility Criteria For Pre-Arrival Registration:

Indian nations can apply for pre-arrival registration for free if they full the following conditions:

  • They should have an Indian passport that is valid for a minimum of 6 months.
  • Their stay should not be more than 14 days.

Pre-Arrival Registration Process:

To apply for Pre-arrival Registration, Indians have to do the following:

  • Open the website of the immigration department of Hong Kong.
  • Click on ‘Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals’.
  • Enter the correct information. The details entered should match the details on the passport.
  • On submission, the registration result will be told to the registrant instantly.
  • In case of successful registration, the ‘Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals’ has to be printed on a blank A4 sized white paper.

If the registration is unsuccessful, then the Indian national has to apply for an entry visa directly with the Hong Kong Immigration Department if he/she wants to visit Hong Kong.