How to calculate canada PR Points

A permanent resident visa is granted to those who can be an asset to the Canadian economy. If you want to move to Canada, you must first find out your PR Canada Points using the calculator below.

Find out your points with the Canada PR Points Calculator

Based on various parameters like age, education, work history, etc., each candidate gets points. Your score is essentially an assessment of the true strength of your app.

Knowing your score will also help you decide which of the different immigration programs you can apply to.

Use this free PR Canada score calculator and check your score!


During an Express Entry lottery, a face value is displayed to the public. Those with the highest scores are recommended to apply for a PR visa (ITA) from the Canadian government.

After obtaining an ITA, you will soon receive a PR visa, provided you meet certain medical and character criteria. We’ll talk about that a little later.

Calculate Canada PR Points

What is Canada PR Express Entry?

In 2015, Canada launched Express Entry, an expedited immigration system for Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program and experienced Canadian applicants. The system manages applications for permanent residence through this process.

How does Express Entry work?

The Express Entry system assesses whether the candidate is eligible to apply for Express Entry. This is done if candidates score at least 67 points out of 100.

Eligible candidates are screened based on Comprehensive Rating System (CRS) scores from the Express Entry pool. Selection is based on details such as qualifications, language skills, work experience, etc.

Canadian immigration authorities are looking for qualified candidates who can apply in Canada’s booming economy in this group. Candidates with the highest scores in the pool receive an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for PR.

Points earned by a CRS candidate have two components.

First, a base collection of up to 600 points based on factors such as qualifications and experience.

Second, a collection of bonus points up to 600 based on selection factors such as a legitimate job offer with a cumulative score of 1200.

Minimum score required to qualify for Canada PR

Authorities use a points system to select applicants for Canadian immigration programs.

To apply for a PR visa, applicants must score at least 67 points under various conditions. These settings include:



Professional experience

Knowledge of the English language

Adaptability points

Organized labor in Canada

The maximum points you can get for these factors are as follows:

Factor Maximum Points Available 
Language skills – in English & French 28
Education 25
Work experience 15
Age 12 
Arranged employment (job offer in Canada)10
Adaptability 10


You need a minimum of 450 CRS points to apply for PR Canada.

CALCULATE your grade

Calculates CRS scores for Express Entry candidates

CRS considers three different factors to assign points to your profile. Below is a breakdown of how points are awarded for each factor.

Human capital factor or basis (age, education, experience, etc. with or without spouse or partner)

Skills transfer factor (work experience in Canada or abroad, language skills, etc.)

Additional factors (Canadian job offer, provincial nomination, etc.)

Applicants with the highest CRS scores are encouraged to apply to become permanent residents of Canada.

FactorsMaximum Canada PR Points
Core / Human Capital Factors460 (with spouse)500 (without spouse)
Spouse or Common-Law Factors40
Skill Transferability Factors100
Additional Points600
Maximum Points1200

The basics of human capital

FactorsWith Spouse/ common-law partnerWithout Spouse/ common-law partner
Education level150140
Officiallanguages proficiency (IELTS)160150
Canadian working experience8070
Spouse – Level of education10 
Spouse – Official language proficiency20 
Spouse Required IELTS Score (General)10 

Skills transfer factors

FactorsMaximum Canada PR Points per factor
Education and Language AbilityCLB 7 – CLB 9 50 13 OREducation and CanadianWork Experience50
Language Ability and (Foreign work experience) Non-Canadian Work Experience ORCanadian work experience and Foreign work experience (Non- Canadian Work Experience) 50
Certificate of Qualification in a Trade and Language Ability

Conclusion: -Canada has one of the world’s most sophisticated immigration programs. This is through the Express Entry Program.

It helps manage and assess applications and uses a system of Canada PR points. This points-based system has helped streamline the migration process of citizenship in Canada. 

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