Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba is based amid the provinces of Ontario and Saskatchewan. As the economy is full of natural resources and an abundance of agricultural production, it brings in major wealth to the country. Over 1.2 million populations reside in the capital city of Winnipeg. Manitoba has a balanced labor market of closely intermingled communities and wide-ranging natural forests.

The program conducted for Manitoba immigration is Manitoba’s provincial nominee program (MPNP). The program aims at selecting those candidates for migration to Manitoba who have skills and experience as expected by the province. These targeted employees may be fortunate to get a Manitoba provincial nomination certificate that increases the speed of the entire immigration process.

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The potential candidates can migrate through an express entry or outside express entry. The three streams by which the potential immigrants and move to the province are as follows:

1. The skilled worker immigration stream. It includes the candidates who are in Manitoba and overseas.

2. Business investor immigration stream.

3. Modern community-driven immigration stream. This stream is used through MPNP.


Skilled workers

The category of skilled workers operates through an ‘expression of interest’ system. In this process, the eligible candidates answer an array of questions online. They ought not to upload any advocating document before they submit their profile into the IEO pool. All the profiles of the worthy candidates will be placed in the pool. These candidates will be given marks for their answers. Using these scores, the nominees are graded by the MPNP. If you are one of the highest-scoring candidates, then you will be called to assert an application to the MPNP. The program does not fix a particular number of candidates who can give their expression of interest. It is also free from deadline situations.

Being a skilled worker, you have two passages to Manitoba both of which function under the MPNP Expression of Interest system.


Skilled Worker in Manitoba

In this classification of skilled workers in Manitoba, the applications are accepted only from those foreign workers who are presently working in Manitoba and have been granted a permanent job in the same place. This function is dissimilar from other systems in a way that skilled worker in Manitoba is not answerable only to points located evaluation to conclude their acceptability.


Skilled Worker Overseas

The Manitoba skilled workers in the foreign category use a point-based setup to approach foreign candidates. Applications from those experienced skilled candidates are approved who can exhibit strong connectivity to the state through family or friends or by any past education or employment in the state. Also, the candidates can validate their backing by an invitation of the MPNP and have scored at least 60 points. The points are assigned according to five measures that are age, education, language proficiency, work experience, and adaptability.

Business investor

The candidates willing to invest in Manitoba can apply through this stream. This program aims at selecting the most potential having candidates who have the intention to apply for the program. This program directs on an ‘expression to interest’ system which signifies those candidates taken into account that show the willingness in moving to Manitoba.


Modern community-driven immigration initiative

Modern community-driven immigration initiative is another category included for selecting candidates for immigration to Manitoba. Winnipeg is a rural town towards 112km southwest that looks for immigrants for various occupations. Thus, candidates willing to work for the required work are selected through immigration to Morden, conducted by MPNP.