About Quebec

Quebec is a choice to reach the destination for anyone who intends to immigrate for professional sense. Every year, Quebec selects thousands of the immigrant workers every year who have the necessary skills along with other factors that are vital for their job integration.

Quebec is highly recognized for the quality of life it provides, its environment that is so unique to the world along with a rich and lavish nature, safe cities and a welcoming society.

Quebec Immigration-Skilled Worker Program

The Quebec Immigration selection system is a method designed for the Quebec Skilled Workers. It is designed to testify about which applicants are expected to become economically established by immigration to Quebec.

Know the conditions of the regular skilled worker program Selection factors:

Selection is made on the basis of point framework for diverse factors. Your application will be evaluated to help you conclude whether you get enough number of points to be selected for Quebec. In addition to the section criteria and the selection factors, to know how they are weighted and the passing scores that engage to the skilled workers, refer to The Grille synthèse des facteurs et critères applicables à la sélection des travailleurs qualifiés (summary grid of determinants and criterion basis used to select skilled workers). The details are specified in Schedule A of the Regulation regarding the selection of foreign nationals and the regulations regarding the weighting relevant to the selection of foreign nationals in effect since 1 august, 2013.

Selection factors in the point grid:

Do your professional file contents permit you to easily accommodate to the terms and prompt development of the Quebec labor market? You need to check to find out if you are fit and worthy for the Regular Skilled Worker Program. The following factors while the selection process will be taken into consideration:

1. Your schooling level, i.e., the level of your education as well as the field in which you are trained.
2. The entire work experience you have.
3. Your age
4. Your knowledge of English and French language
5. Your stays in Quebec and any family relationship with a Canadian or a permanent Quebec resident.
6. Your ultimate job offer (this factor is applicable only if you have received a job offer and it meets some specific conditions required from a Quebec employer). Also, see the section Recruitment international – Embaucher un travailleur étranger permanent
7. The temperament concerning your accompanying spouse or common-law spouse, if appropriate
8. Some more factors may be taken into consideration such as the number of your children who are of age under 19 who will be along with you to Quebec.
9. Your capacity for financial self-sufficiency here you will need to sign a contract wherein you have to validate your obligation to provide for your needs as well as your family’s requirements for at least the first three months following your arrival in Quebec.